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Québec.Québec| March 31 2020

On March 13, the Government of Québec announced a state of health emergency. It later announced that as of March 25, all non-essential services and activities were to be discontinued until April 13, 2020. As Matériaux Blanchet produces raw materials needed for essential business activities, the company is continuing to operate its two plants in Saint-Pamphile and Amos.

Limiting the spread of the virus

While Matériaux Blanchet is continuing to operate, it has taken multiple health and hygiene measures, such as providing hand-washing stations and constantly disinfecting workstations, to protect its employees.

Matériaux Blanchet’s management has sent out internal memos to employees to keep them well informed. It will continue to do so as the government makes announcements that affect the company.

Grateful management

Matériaux Blanchet would like to recognize the exceptional work of its teams as they continue production in this time of crisis. Québec society is relying on involved citizens, like our employees, who take their colleagues’ health and safety to heart.

“I’m proud that Matériaux Blanchet is contributing to Québec’s essential services,” stated Jean-Paul Carrier, President of Matériaux Blanchet. “I would like to wholeheartedly thank my employees for their involvement and cooperation,” he added.

About Matériaux Blanchet

Matériaux Blanchet Inc. is one of Québec’s largest independent private sawmills, with an annual production capacity of over 300 million FBM of softwood. The company runs two integrated sawing, drying and planning complexes, one in Saint-Pamphile (Bas-Saint-Laurent) and the other in Amos (Abitibi-Témiscamingue). Matériaux Blanchet mainly produces lumber for the construction industry and for industrial applications. It also produces wood by-products, such as wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust and bark, which are used in the pulp and paper industry and by panel makers, energy companies and wood pellet and animal bedding companies.

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