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Our products

Quality softwood lumber

At Matériaux Blanchet, our softwood lumber is our pride.

That’s why we make sure to offer quality products that meet very high standards and have the certifications sought in the industry.

In addition to unrivalled quality, we offer a wide variety of species, grades and by-products.

FSC® products available upon request.


Primary species (SPF)

Products made primarily of spruce, pine and fir (SPF). SPF wood is the most widely used construction material in Canada.

Secondary species

Our other products are made mainly of red pine and larch.



1" x 3"1" x 4"
1" x 6"
2" x 2"2" x 3"
2" x 4"
2" x 6"
2" x 8"
2" x 10"
3" x 3"4" x 4"
5/4" x 6"
Dimensional lumber
Studs (PET)
MSR lumber
Intended for export
Special products (green wood)
*We produce S4S wood (surfaced 4 sides), except for special products like 2" x 2" and 3" x 3
S4S: Surfaced four sides (also P4F)
MSR: Machine stress rated
PET: Precision end trimmed


Our softwood lumber is graded according to national standards.
This grade meets grade #2 structural standards while being subject to the most rigorous restrictions.
Meant to be used in engineered applications requiring constant structural resistance.
#2 and better
This quality is particularly aimed at the construction industry.
Designed for vertical applications, mainly used in wall construction, and can be precision trimmed (PET), according to customer needs.
#3 and better
Combination of several grades meeting at least the grade #3 standards, and mainly related to 1″-thick products for various applications.
For industrial use and the manufacturing of concrete forms.
Intended mainly for packaging and pallet manufacturing.

Our reputation

We are renowned for customer support, roundwood purchasing, shipping and delivery.

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