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Sustainable development


The environment produces quality wood for us, which we can offer you so you can build the modern structures of tomorrow. Since forests are vital to the ecosystem and the sustainability of Matériaux Blanchet, we naturally want to preserve them.

That’s why we choose to be an eco-responsible leader in the forest industry. To do so, we have integrated strict sustainable development policies and practices into our daily lives, which we have been implementing for over 20 years.

RIPI environmental policy

Respect laws, regulations and other requirements regarding the environment and sustainable forest management
Improve our practices constantly
Prevent pollution
Implement and maintain a traceability chain that complies with FSC or PEFC-SFI-CSA standards

Outstanding materials
from sustainable practices

We are proud to harvest our wood by cutting with protection of regeneration and soils (CPRS), a method developed by Quebec’s forestry department.

We use precise techniques to cut down all the mature trees in a forest and protect the younger trees, which will green the landscape in just a few years.

When the regeneration is inadequate or insufficient after forestry operations, we also provide reforestation following the guidelines of the new Regulation respecting the sustainable development of forests in the domain of the State (RSDF).

Small installations
with a big impact

The installation of an arch to cross a watercourse was the first application of the RSDF. This solution required two full days of work and helped us do our part to preserve our ecosystem and the current biodiversity.

In other words, we prevent the erosion of soil, which regenerates naturally, and protect wildlife and its habitats over the long term.


We are one
of the first FSC®
certified sawmills.

Our reputation

We are renowned for our customer support, purchase of roundwood, and transport and delivery service.

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