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Wood procurement

We buy top quality raw materials!

Do you have trees that need to be harvested or wood ready to be delivered? We can buy your wood!
We will also ship it to our mill in Saint-Pamphile or Amos if needed.

If you would like to sell your wood, contact us now. We will be happy to tell you about the options available to you!

Sell my wood to Amos
Sell my wood to Saint-Pamphile
See the price paid per product
SpeciesLengthTop end diameterDelivered price at the mill
Logs 16’6’’D
Logs 12’6’’E
4’’ and over
6’’ and over
5’’ and over
CAN$90 / Imperial green ton
CAN$115 / Imperial green ton
CAN$97 / Imperial green ton
Logs 16’6’’D
Logs 12’6’’E
4’’ and over
6’’ and over
5’’ and over
CAN$80 / Imperial green ton
CAN$110 / Imperial green ton
CAN$92 / Imperial green ton
Fir/SpruceShort log 10’4’’F4’’ and overCAN$50 / Imperial green ton

AIf 90% and over of spruce.

BIf under 90% of spruce.

CRequired minimum of 7’’ from the stump, no wood from thinning operations. Free of rot for the 7’’, 8’’ and 9’’. Maximum of 1/3 of decay for 10’’.

DSeparated species, 16’6’’ with a maximum tolerance of 25% of 12’6’’.

ESeparated species, 12’6’’ sole length accepted.

FYou must produce logs to deliver 10’4’’ short logs.

Imperial green ton = 2,000 lbs. (conversion factors of about 5.5 tiv/mbf for spruce, 5.7 tiv/mbf for fir and 5.9 tiv/cord for 10 ’)


Opening hours of the weighing machine: Monday through Thursday from 7AM to 5PM and on Friday from 7AM to 2PM.


These prices are for healthy wood of fir and spruce delivered to our Saint-Pamphile plant. Please note that there is no purchase of Norway spruce or 8’’ and 9’’ wood. Depending on the quality of the products delivered, reductions may be applied and loads refused.


Contact our procurement team before producing and delivering.

Caroline Dubé
T. 418 356-3344 #531
C. 418 710-0751


*Last update : January 18, 2021.

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