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2nd new planing mill: now up and running in saint-pamphile!

Saint-Pamphile| October 16 2020

Even a global pandemic can’t slow down Matériaux Blanchet! With a major investment of $30 million, the company has just opened a large-scale planer mill in Saint-Pamphile, one of the most modern in North America.

The project involved the construction of a 60,000 square-foot infrastructure attached to the old facility, which was built in 1969. This infrastructure accompanies that of the Amos mill, built from scratch in 2019.

Now, with two world-class planer mills, Matériaux Blanchet now stands as a technological leader in lumber, ready to meet the ever-increasing demand!

Equipped to handle big jobs

Under construction since early 2019, the mill is now fully regulated and 100% operational. As the supply of Saint-Pamphile involves larger diameter logs as opposed to Amos, the mill needed the capacity for 8 and 10 inch wide planks, a challenge the new Gilbert planer meets with ease!

Natural wood, artificial intelligence!

In addition to a Gilbert planer, the mill is equipped with a high-end GradExpert classification system, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically differentiate between fir and spruce species.

This jewel of technology also analyzes visual and dimensional defects in wood, such as knots, wood decay and cracks, for flawless classification.

Excellent news for the region’s economy

The local community and the 150 employees at the Saint-Pamphile mill are very proud to be able to count on such a great infrastructure, and enthusiastically look forward to the future of the wood industry.

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