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The new Amos planer mill is officially open!

Amos| September 23 2019

Under construction for the past year, the ultra high-tech Matériaux Blanchet Amos planer mill is now fully operational. This new facility embodies an investment of over $25 million and is part of our vision for producing flawless and environmentally friendly lumber, engineered with state-of-the-art technologies.

“We have just built the durability of Matériaux Blanchet Amos,” indicates Patrick Leblanc, VP of Operations.


The new mill is equipped with a Gilbert planer ensuring an even product that is close to perfection as it gets! We also acquired an optimized grading system, GradExpert, which classifies wood with the highest precision.


The equipment acquired for this new plant is the most efficient in the wood industry. The new production line is fully automated, increasing production capacity and minimizing potential errors.


Environmental responsibility and our employees’ health are core values at Matériaux Blanchet. Our new facilities thus feature a high-performance filtration system, providing our employees with a healthy work environment.

We are also looking for candidates to join the big Matériaux Blanchet family!

We also pay close attention to the management of wood residue, all of which is sent to secondary processing plants.

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