Cocotte de pin

Who are we?

Our vision and mission

Matériaux Blanchet’s management has developed a framework for all policy initiatives that will be undertaken over the coming years. This policy framework is based on the company’s vision for all of its activities:

« Be the most efficient lumber manufacturer. »

This business philosophy forms the basis of Matériaux Blanchet’s mission:

« To be recognized on the world stage as one of the sawmills at the height of excellence that manufactures custom products of consistent quality while meeting the needs of its clients. »

Our business strategy

We aim to achieve our mission by ensuring the sustainable development of our fiber supply while respecting the environment, maintaining safe and quality working conditions, using cutting-edge equipment, optimizing the use of wood fiber, and offering attentive service to our customers.

To accomplish our mission, we rely on certain values:

  • Team spirit;
  • Integrity, trust and mutual respect;
  • Open and honest communication;
  • Continuous improvement through training, learning, participation and innovation;
  • Management based on results and speed of action;
  • The well-planned and considered use of resources in the short, medium and long term.


  • Being an industry leader
  • Ensuring sustainable development
  • Manufacturing based on consistency and quality
  • Being on the cutting edge of technology
  • Meet our customer’s needs