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Our sawmills

Saint-Pamphile sawmill

The Saint-Pamphile sawmill complex is located on the St. Lawrence River’s south shore, east of Quebec City. Matériaux Blanchet's property is actually sitting on the border between Quebec and Maine. Moreover, it is in Saint-Pamphile that the company was created in 1958. Getting most of its supply from the American side of the border, our Saint-Pamphile division has an annual production capacity of 150 million board feet on two shifts.

  • Species: White spruce/Balsam fir
  • Dimensions: 1"x3"/4"/6", 2"x3"/4"/6"/8"/10"
  • Lengths: 6' to 16'
  • Qualities: J-Grade, supreme, 1&2, stud, #3, #4, overseas.
  • Certifications: FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council), SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)
  • Ground transportation:
    • Trucks
    • Railcars from a public siding
  • Maritime transportation:
    • Break bulk from the port of Cacouna, QC
    • Containers via Montreal, QC


Saint-Pamphile sawmill complex

  • Operational since:
  • CIFQ # 4-1
  • Heat treatment:
  • Production:
    150 million fbm (2 shifts)

Amos sawmill complex

  • Operational since:
  • QFIC # 775
  • Heat treatment:
  • Production:
    150 million fbm (3 shifts)