Cocotte de pin

Who are we?

Our team

The success of any business rests on a host of small details, each more important than the last. However, an essential component of Matériaux Blanchet’s growth and success is the quality and commitment of our team, a group of men and women who are committed to a job well done. During busy periods, nearly 450 employees will work to offer you a product that meets your expectations and requirements. Whether in the forest, the mill or our offices, our primary concern is to make every effort to satisfy our customers. We see our work as more than a simple goal: it’s a matter of collective pride.

Our raison d’être

It's a safe bet that the founder of Matériaux Blanchet, Jos H. Blanchet, had no idea at the time that his company would grow so big. However, there is a connection between our humble beginnings and our present-day success: the great managers throughout our history all believed that success begins with a daily respect for our commitments. Thanks to this philosophy, Matériaux Blanchet’s customers and suppliers have always enjoyed consistent results.

The tradition continues. No matter how much we expand, the company will never be bigger than the respect we have for our employees, customers and suppliers.


  • Sense of belonging and collective pride
  • Sustained quality and commitment
  • Training and motivation
  • Respect for occupational health and safety rules