Cocotte de pin

Long-term development

Our sources

In addition to its regular supply of timber from public and private forests, Matériaux Blanchet is always looking for quality fiber for its Amos and Saint-Pamphile complexes. Our production capacity requires an annual supply of over 1,000,000 cubic meters of fiber, and we buy regularly in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. Moreover, our Saint-Pamphile division sources logs from New York State, Pennsylvania and New England. You can reach our buyers at any time via e-mail.

Amos :

Saint-Pamphile :

Our forestry practices

In addition to the regulations governing forestry operations, Matériaux Blanchet has always had its own rigorous forest resources management practices. They follow a simple logic: forests are the only source of raw material for our company, so it’s in our interest to ensure good stewardship and development. Sustainability is central to our business model, and this concept is behind all of our forestry operations. By intervening in a meaningful way, not only does Matériaux Blanchet endorse the concept of sustainable development, but we also protect the long-term future of wildlife and its habitat and help to prevent soil erosion.

FSC® Saint-Pamphile


Saint-Pamphile sawmill complex

  • Species:
    75% white spruce,
    25% balsam fir
  • Private forest, USA
  • Private forest, Canada (QC/NB)
  • Public forest, Canada (QC)

Amos sawmill complex

  • Species:
    70% black spruce,
    30% jack pine
  • Public forest, Canada (QC)
  • Private forest, Canada (QC/ON)